22 - 24 March 2021

"International Higher Education"

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March 22 - March 24, 2021 ONLINE-EXHIBITION "International Higher Education 2021" will be held, which everyone can visit without leaving home! EDUCATION VS PANDEMIC!

While the whole world froze, waiting for the epidemiological situation to stabilize, the MY FAIR GROUP, together with permanent Partners and universities, decided not to waste time and tell future students and their parents about what the new academic year will be like in a pandemic.

Already in March 2020, we realized that we need to give the young generation a chance to get an education and challenged the Pandemic!

Our previous events were attended by:

The First Online Exhibition "Education and Profession 2020" - 10,000 unique visitors and 26 participants.

The second online exhibition "International Higher Education 2020" has more than 15,000 unique visitors and 22 participants.

In the third online exhibition "Hurry up to enter the university of your dreams" - 43 participants and more than 20,000 unique visitors.

Visitors were from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many other CIS countries and the world!

The uniqueness of participation in our exhibitions is that you do not need to go or go anywhere, we have created this mechanism so that you, being at home, can choose your future and no quarantine or Pandemic will become an obstacle for you to choose your education and will not interfere with your future and Your children!

If you and your child do not yet know how to enter, where and how, then you should definitely visit ONLINE - the exhibition "EDUCATION AND PROFESSION 2020" and you can really HAPPEN TO ENTRY! We recommend using the last chance and not to be left without education this year!

Many universities are currently offering to start studying online, with the subsequent transfer to full-time or part-time training format!

If you have not yet learned how to use technology online, then you are living in yesterday, because tomorrow has already come!

All applicants and their parents will be able to receive reliable information, as they say, from the first mouth of university staff about which universities are ready to accept students today, what the dream university should be like, how to submit documents and enroll without leaving home.

And no quarantine measures introduced around the world can become an obstacle to getting a quality education.

"Build your future by challenging the Pandemic with us!"

Exhibition organizers and partners

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