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On November 2-December 1, 2020, the online EXHIBITION "Education and profession 2020" will be held, which everyone can visit without leaving home! While the whole world is waiting for the epidemiological situation to stabilize, the MY FAIR group of COMPANIES, together with regular Partners and Universities, decided not to waste time and tell future students and their parents about what the new academic year will be like in the face of a pandemic. In March of this year, we realized that we need to give the younger generation a chance to get an education and challenged the Pandemic! At our previous events took part: The First online exhibition "Education and profession 2020" has 10,000 unique visitors and 26 participants. The second online exhibition "International higher education 2020" has more than 15,000 unique visitors and 22 participants. The third online exhibition "have Time to enter the University of your dreams 2020" has more than 23,500 unique visitors and 42 participants. Visitors were from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many other CIS countries and the world! The uniqueness of participating in our exhibitions is that you do not need to go anywhere, we have created this mechanism so that you can choose your future at home and that no quarantine or Pandemic will interfere With your choice of education

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