Путешествие по онлайн выставке "Международное высшее образование 2020"

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On July 24-26, 2020, the ONLINE-EXHIBITION "International Higher Education 2020" will be held, which everyone can visit without leaving home!
In connection with the current situation in the world, formed due to the COVID-2019 Pandemic, educational institutions from all over the world combine their efforts and offer applicants the opportunity to enter and receive education in a variety of forms of study.
Visitors to ONLINE - the exhibition "International Higher Education 2020" will be able to learn everything about the conditions of education during a pandemic, familiarize themselves with the variety of curricula, forms of education, as well as opportunities for admission both on a budgetary and on a commercial basis.
If you were afraid to lose a year and not have time to start studying in the current year, then by taking part in the ONLINE - EXHIBITION "International Higher Education 2020" you can find out the details of admission, apply and become a student of the university you dreamed of. It is this year that students from all over the world have the opportunity to communicate with representatives of universities, admissions committees and take exams completely remotely.
And also, start the first year of study in ONLINE mode, followed by transfer to a full-time or part-time training format!
At the exhibition, representatives of higher educational institutions will answer all the questions of applicants that are currently of concern to both future students and their parents:
• Training programs available in the new conditions of the 2020-2021 academic years;
• Getting bachelor's and master's degrees in an epidemic;
• What professions will be relevant in the future?
• Dates of the start of admission campaigns in 2020;
• What are the conditions for starting studies in higher education?
• How the admission exams will be conducted, as well as the format for submitting documents;
• Will it be possible to obtain a visa from the second half of the year or the second year of study to continue studying in full-time format;
• Possibility of subsequent employment using a diploma obtained after graduation.

By visiting ONLINE - the exhibition "International Higher Educ

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