Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin

Pivotal university of the Leningrad region
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A quarter of a century ago, a Pedagogical Institute was opened in Pushkin, today one of the largest universities in the North-West region. We have something to be proud of and where to strive - time throws new challenges. Today we want not only to give the student a high-quality education, but also to prepare him for independent activity, to ensure career growth, to form the critical thinking of a professional expert. Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin is famous for specialists in the field of defectology, clinical psychology, ecology and nature management, lifelong education, distance learning, and we set ourselves an ambitious strategic goal - to become an investment-attractive consulting cluster in the region. Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin is a flagship university in the Leningrad region with the most competitive study programs and attractive prices, as well as: • 11 ta fakultet; • 5 ta ilmiy-tadqiqot institutlari; • 3 ta biznes-inkubator; • 10 ta ilmiy laboratoriya; • tadqiqot markazi; • ilmiy va o'quv markazlari: tarixiy tadqiqotlar va tahlillar, diniy tadqiqotlar va etnopolitik tadqiqotlar, inson faoliyatini psixologik qo'llab-quvvatlash, shaharshunoslik va kiberantropologiya; • ingliz tilidagi magistrlik dasturlari; • almashinuv dasturlarida qatnashish imkoniyati; • Sankt-Peterburgning eng chiroyli shaharchasida (Pushkin, Tsarskoe Selo) Universitetning ajoyib joylashishi.



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196605, г. Санкт-Петербург, Пушкин, Петербургское шоссе, д.10
+7 (812) 451 90 48
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