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ВИРТУАЛЬНАЯ ВЫСТАВКА ""International Higher Education""
Lazarski University is a private university with 30 years of experience in the international market, one of the first universities in Poland to start accepting foreign students

BA in Aviation Law and Professional Pilot License


With a good knowledge of aviation law acquired during the studies you will be prepared not only for the piloting profession but also for a job with civil aviation authorities and institutions. To be a pilot, you also need to acquire a great amount of theoretical knowledge; this is why, during this course we will teach you e.g. aviation control procedures, general aircraft know-how, meteorology, planning, flight execution and monitoring, navigation, operating procedures, communications, and flight rules. According to Boeing, over 635,000 new pilots will be needed by 2037, of which over 146,000 in Europe alone. After graduating, you will be able to start your career on the international air transport market cooperating with airlines all over the world, for example as First Officer or Compliance Officer. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Платформа для организации виртуальных выставок с комплексом программных решений и сервисов для выставочной индустрии.
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