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ВИРТУАЛЬНАЯ ВЫСТАВКА "Access to the university of your dreams 2020"
The Moscow Polytech is one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in the city of Moscow and is the flagship of project-based education in Russia.

Advertising and public relations

Graduates of the program are specialists in the field of advertising and public relations, proficient in the tools of Internet marketing and the digital environment.

We train digital technology marketing analysts, specialists who are ready to promote the products of companies and organizations to a competitive market, young professionals who know Internet communications technologies. Our teaching staff will teach you how to collect information about the behavior of consumers and competitors, methods of advertising and public relations, creative technologies for developing advertising and PR-products of the digital environment, promoting goods and services of companies and organizations in offline and online environments.

Платформа для организации виртуальных выставок с комплексом программных решений и сервисов для выставочной индустрии.
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