Saint Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg State University is a scientific and educational center of world importance, one of the largest centers of national science and culture, the first university in Russia
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St. Petersburg State University is the first university in Russia, founded by Emperor Peter I in 1724. SPbU has a special status, according to which it has the right to create its own educational standards and issue its own diplomas to graduates in Russian and English. In addition, the university has the right to conduct the defense of dissertations for scientific degrees according to its own rules and to award its own academic degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences. SPbU has the ability to quickly create new educational programs at the intersection of various branches of science, successfully combining fundamental theory and current practice. The University provides training of highly qualified personnel, relying on existing scientific schools, teaching traditions and working closely with employing companies. The education received at St. Petersburg State University is highly rated on the international labor market, allowing graduates to build their careers in major companies. The university implements more than 400 educational programs at all levels, as well as more than 800 additional educational programs.



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