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Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Central Russia. The university has 13,000 students, including 2,800 foreign students from 67 countries. The university is nationally recognized and recommended for higher education in more than 60 countries around the world. Training is conducted in 150 specialties and areas of training for bachelor's, specialist's, master's, residency and postgraduate studies for such actively developing areas as medicine, ecology, nanotechnology, information technology, economics, management, political science and many others. In addition, the University offers pre-university training, inclusive education, various forms of internships, and Russian language courses. The University has a modern infrastructure for the comprehensive development of students, for whom the Technopark, the Educational Theater, the Sports Palace, a fitness center, a sports and recreation center, a stadium, a recreation center, a Museum and Exhibition Complex, etc. are open. Upon graduation, graduates receive a state diploma. Upon request, a "European Diploma Supplement" is issued. Derzhavin University graduates are in demand in the labor market. Many of them work in large international organizations, medical and educational institutions both in Russia and abroad.



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