Ural State Forestry University

USLTU is a leader in the field of personnel training for enterprises.
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FSBEI HPE "Ural State Forestry University" is one of the leading higher educational institutions in the system of forestry education in Russia. USFEU provides training in a wide range of technical, economic and humanitarian areas for enterprises, organizations and institutions of the forestry sector of the economy, the automobile and road complex, environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources. One of the oldest state universities in the Ural region trains specialists in forest restoration and rational management, timber harvesting and processing, design and construction of highways, organization of transportation and operation of road transport, elimination of negative environmental consequences. For 90 years, USFEU has been a leader in the field of personnel training for enterprises of the chemical-forestry and road complexes and provides training for specialists with higher professional education.



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Екатеринбург, Сибирский тракт,37
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