Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a state organization that supports youth in achieving their goals and becoming a successful part of society.
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The Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a state organization that takes the state youth policy to a new level, finds effective solutions to problems in the field of youth, provides them with comprehensive support, and also effectively organizes and coordinates the activities of the competent authorities. The agency provides support to youth in the following areas: Youth cooperation - Effective cooperation with non-governmental non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions in the implementation of state youth policy Youth and Entrepreneurship - Wide involvement of young people in small business and private entrepreneurship, creating additional conditions for them to master modern skills, digital economy skills, assistance in the process of their employment Foreign investment and advanced technologies - Development of cooperation with international financial institutions, donor countries and foreign organizations in cooperation with interested ministries and departments to attract foreign investment and advanced technologies in areas related to youth activities. Grants for Youth - Distribution of state grants and subsidies in the form of social orders to support the activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations in the field of youth, as well as to finance programs, projects and research in the field of state youth policy, including targeted ones, and ensure effective use 5 Important Initiatives - Implementing five important initiatives, including engaging young people in culture, arts, physical education and sports, increasing their literacy in the field of information technology, encouraging reading among young people, employing women, developing the intellectual potential and talent of gifted youth



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Ташкент 100011, ул. Алишер Наваи, 11
+998 99 721 42 62
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info@yoshlar.gov.uz / m.mirsobitov@yoshlar.gov.uz



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