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Design, Advertising & Animation

The Design, Advertising & Animation Degrees at APU cater for creative minds like you! As you enrol into our programmes, be prepared to embark on a journey that is highly industry-relevant that can enhance your practical knowledge in various areas of media & design.

A great level of hands-on experience will be nurtured throughout your years of study, ensuring that you create your own story through an impressive creative portfolio that showcases various projects completed in your specialisms.

We established strong partnerships with key industry players, and exposed students with these live projects. Students get to experience working on commercial projects with the guidance from academic staff. Similarly, they are involved in active leaning experiences through field trips to studios, galleries, exhibitions, and participation in events and activities. We aim for our graduates to be all-rounders; not just equipped with technical skills as designers but as great thinkers, inspiring leaders, convincing presenters, supportive team players and academic researchers.

Our programmes in the areas of Design, Advertising & Animation are as follows:

BA (Hons) in Industrial Design

BA (Hons) in Visual Effects

BA (Hons) in Animation

BA (Hons) in Digital Advertising

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