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The School of Engineering at APU is one of our fastest growing schools and is gaining popularity among school leavers.

This is because all the five engineering programmes offered by the School are current in terms of technology and are market driven, and thus have great employment opportunities.

The vision of the School is to be a leading provider of Engineering and Technology based education with innovative approaches to enhancing lifelong career opportunities. This is emphasized by our mission to provide engineering education based on a theoretical, experimental, and ethical foundation and enhanced by opportunities for participation in research, internships and interdisciplinary study.

For all degrees within the School, APU links with industry helps provide internship training placements for students. Internships are compulsory for all students as per the requirement of the Board of Engineers Malaysia.


APU Engineering Degrees are fully accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) which is a signatory to the Washington Accord.

This accreditation ensures that APU Engineering Graduates will have the following benefits in countries who are signatories of the Washington Accord:

Opportunities to register as a Graduate Engineer with Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) or the relevant professional bodies in other countries who are signatories under the Washington Accord.

Pathways to becoming a Professional or Chartered Engineer.

Assurance that graduates are considered as having met international academic standards for engineering practice.

Engineering Programmes 

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Honours 

Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering with Honours

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering with Honours

Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with Honours

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